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Manga Winter Wolf


Synopsis Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf manga โ€“ Winter Wolf manhwa update free on Bibimanga.Com A man and a woman are by themselves in a mansion on an isolated snowfield. Lyshteia, an aristocratic young lady who lost her entire family in the revolution goes into exile on her own. She meets Terren, a broker who lives in an isolated mansion on a snowfield, in hopes of escaping to a foreign country. However, Lyshteia and Terren are forced to spend time by just the two of them as heavy snow starts falling and traps them in. Terren keeps Lyshteia safe in dangerous situations: her hearing strange sounds every night, and burglars trespassing in the mansion. As Lyshteia lowers her guard, she becomes more and more dependent on Terren. The two ends up getting even their bodies entangled. Lyshteia is attracted to Terren, but sheโ€™s concerned about who he really is as he secretive and does not reveal much about himself. Then one day, the situation changes in an instant when a new guest comes to the mansionโ€ฆ
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