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Manga The Golden Haired Elementalist

Geumbarui Jeongnyeongsa, LA CHICA RUBIA QUE CONTROLA LOS ELEMENTOS, La magicienne aux cheveux d'or, The Golden Haired Elementalist, 금발의 정령사, 金发精灵师之天才的烦恼

Synopsis The Golden Haired Elementalist

Following the trauma of a studying-induced death, Jinny is reborn into a fantastical realm filled with magic, orcs, and talking spirits. As Geenie Crowell, the daughter of a noble and a bona fide genius, everyone has big plans for her, including her new parents, teachers, and even the king! Not too keen on all these high expectations that might end badly for her again, Geenie thinks up the perfect way out from slaving over a hot magic wand: if she becomes a summoner, she’ll be able to summon a spirit and have them do all the work! But Geenie will soon learn that there’s more to it all than just adorable spirit companions and collecting mana. Being a summoner comes with great responsibility–and dangerous consequences as well. Based on the hit novel.
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