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Manga No Longer a Heroine!

Disqualified from Being a Heroine!, Her Secret! (Gi Meng-gi), L'héroïne disqualifiée !, เพราะฉันไม่ใช่นางเอก, 女主失格!, 여주실격!

Synopsis No Longer a Heroine!

Lisa Cheon used to be the nation’s favorite on-screen idol, but swiftly falls from grace after being framed as a drug addict. She is offered the opportunity to turn it all around by starring on a new TV show, but it won’t be easy: her character’s love interest is her ex-boyfriend, and she’s too nervous to act without alcohol. Can Lisa regain what she has lost and face the demons of her past?Original Webtoon Official Translations: English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, French
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