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Manga Fancy Mate


Synopsis Fancy Mate

Read Fancy Mate manhwa – Fancy Mate manga – Fancy Mate Yaoi update free at Muctau.Com A pure fool + pervert Lim Tae-oh dreaming of a love-filled relationship. Since he is gay, he is isolated from his parents and is also at odds with his friends. Even the men he dated can’t overcome Tae-oh’s obsession and had break ups many times. In the end, he thinks it’s his last challenge and finds a roommate who’s sexy… But then, he met Choi Hyun, a roommate who suited Tae-oh’s taste more than he could have imagined! Like fate, he fell in love at first sight. Tae-oh who needs love and Choi Hyun who needs attention. Will this love be successful?
AuthorLim ji
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