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Manga Dark Storm

블랙 스톰

Synopsis Dark Storm

Dark Storm manga – Dark Storm manhwa update free on Bibimanga.Com “Eyes that are filled with infinite trust without any greed. Usually, you can only find those in animals. Isn’t that right, Miss Lian?” The name Lian was still unfamiliar to her ears. The years she lived as Lian were longer than the years she lived as Gia, but she still feels that name unfamiliar, as if it belonged to someone else. “It seems you are mistaking me for someone else.” she just uttered that obvious answer. Like a machine, I repeated the words. She didn’t want to interact with his life ever again. “I never said it was a person.” “… yes?” As she slightly frowned, the corners of Tristan’s mouth rose in front of her eyes. It was just when she thought she could escape. He continued to pun his words, further. “I’ve lost one of the animals that I’ve been raising, but I think that it is possible to find it.”
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