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Manga Checkmate (R)

チェックメイト〜君を取るのはこの俺〜 / 将杀 / 체크 메이트 (탄) / 체크메이트 (탄)

Synopsis Checkmate (R)

Read Checkmate (R) update free at Muctau.Com – Check mate Soohyun doesn’t have a “first love,” but he definitely has a “first hate” – his high school classmate Eunsung. A smooth-mannered all-star, Eunsung snaps up first place in everything, leaving Soohyun always trailing behind in second place. Winning out over Eunsung is the one thing that motivates Soohyun, but after graduation, Soohyun contents himself with a dull, mediocre life. One day, Eunsung appears on the news, knee-deep in scandal and, for once, not perfectly at ease…lighting Soohyun’s inner fires once again. Desperate to see a fallen Eunsung with his own eyes, Soohyun jumps into the fray as a reporter, and gets Eunsung to strike an outrageous deal with him.
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