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Manga Act Wildly

SaYe / 撒野 / Sa Ye / Run Freely

Synopsis Act Wildly

Read Act Wildly manga – Act Wildly manhwa update free at Bibimanga.Com From Jupiter Scanlations: I wish to have you by my left shoulder, with a smile by my right– I wish to run freely in your eyes– I wish for one look to last a lifetime. Jiang Cheng, an accomplished student, was “exiled” to the steel mill where his biological father worked. This strange, foreign environment, coupled with his rather vulgar biological father, caused Jiang Cheng to feel quite depressed… that is, until one day, he met Gu Fei, the “Delinquent of the Steel Mill”, by chance. Thus begins the story of Jiang Cheng and Gu Fei, a story of salvation and hope…
AuthorWu zhe
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