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Synopsis Absolute Resonance here - start to read the latest chapter, Chapter 1: I Have Three Blank Palaces of novel Absolute Resonance now at 'Absolute Resonance', one of the most popular novel of type Light Novel, written by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, Tian Can Tu Dou, ε€©θš•εœŸθ±† and covering in Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Xuanhuan, Action, Adventure genres. They has 508 translated chapters and the translation of other chapters are in progress. Lets enjoy Come and discover with, thousand of novel available here, such as Light Novel, Web novel, Korean novel... In case you want to quickly open and access Absolute Resonance from multiple devices, lets create an account and add Absolute Resonance to your bookmark.The novel is still on-going and update for more chapters, so lets visit frequently to get them soon of 'Absolute Resonance'
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keywords: In the land of the Xia Kingdom, every human being is born with what is known as a resonance', either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast. Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredibly rare condition known as a blank resonance as the name suggests, he doesn't have one! Normally, this would be utterly crippling, but at least he has the advantage of being the young master of the mighty House Loulan, one of the five Great Houses of Xia. Unfortunately, his parents, the powerful masters of House Loulan, have gone missing for many years, and the other Great Houses are beginning to eye their holdings quite hungrily. For that matter, plenty are also eyeing his talented, beautiful childhood friend and fiancee Jiang Qing'e, who has been leading House Loulan in his parents' stead! Li Luo would much rather keep a low profile and wants to call off the engagement but Jiang Qing'e has flatly refused. What's a useless young master' to do? Is there any way he can get out of this engagement? Can he figure out a way to protect his House from the jackals circling around it? And is a blank resonance really useless? Come and find out!